The next episode

In late 2018, we made the decision to join the Umano team and focus on bringing their vision to life. This was a big decision for us, but a realisation of the type of relationship we wanted to have with our clients when Oppo Studio was created (the word Oppo means ‘friend’ or ‘colleague’). While our current projects won't be affected, this means that we won't be taking on any new projects from the beginning of 2019.

The opportunity to join Umano is an opportunity to become truly immersed in the work, working with an incredibly talented team in a rapidly evolving problem space, and a compelling set of challenges.

We are excited about what the future holds, for ourselves and for Umano, and are incredibly appreciative to those who have believed in Oppo over the last few years - the clients who entrusted us with their projects and businesses (especially Tony from UNICEF, Stephen from Tinybeans, Thomas and the team from Rent a Space, Sharon from Your New Gig, and Megan and Mel from RedBalloon), and the talented partners and individuals who joined us along the way (Emi, Dave and the team from Reborn, Chris and the team from Offspring, Emma the team from Words by Nuance, and JP and Dylan from Nectar and Co.).

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