Supporting a good cause

UNICEF Australia

Making donations work harder for each child in need

UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund, a leading global humanitarian and development agency that works to uphold the rights of every child.

UNICEF has the constant focus to work more efficient and optimise their donations from new and existing donors. The website is the key online donations platform and there is an ongoing effort to improve it. Whilst Unicef was running AB tests, there was a need for a more structured approach and based on user research.

Working from a combination of user research and usability testing insights, we built a roadmap of design experiments which guided the AB testing.

Working together with UNICEF we create sketches and define the design strategy for each experiment. Through AB Tasty we are able to implement and test smaller design changes, whilst the larger experiments are implemented by Unicef’s development team.

Over the course of time, the new designs have had a positive impact, and been implemented on the donation widgets, Our Work, individual appeal pages and the homepage.

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